We know that time spent together designing your new home is just as important as the time spent building the structure.


Selection of Site and Design of Home

So we’ll take time to:

Listen to your practical needs
Hear your desires and dreams for your new space
Ask questions about your lifestyle in the home

We do this to make sure we put together a floor plan that is fully functional and avoids any wasted space. Once we draw up a plan, we’ll review and revise this with you to get the design that exactly matches your specifications.

We’ll also help you choose a lot that fits with:

Your floor plan specifications
Your exterior and landscaping desires
The neighborhood/area where you’d like to live


During the designing process, you can also secure loan approval. It’s important for us to know your approved budget so we can design your home to both your living needs and your budget. See our recommended list of local lending specialists.

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As we’re finalizing the floor plan, we’ll establish budget allowances for the interior finishes you’d like. Then we’ll draw up your contract and specification sheets. At this time, we’ll collect an Earnest Money Deposit check, which will go toward your down payment and closing costs on the new home.


Within a week of signing your contract, a Trunk Bay Construction team member will schedule your first appointment to start selecting your home’s finishing touches.

Through a series of appointments, we’ll review choices for:

Doors and Windows
Exterior materials and colors
Light Fixtures

We’ll work with you to schedule appointments with our preferred suppliers at the right times in the production process; and we’ll provide you with personal shopping assistance.

*If you decide to purchase upgraded items, we will create a change order to keep your contract price current throughout the process.

Construction of Your Home

The construction of a new home is a complex process, so our team at Trunk Bay Construction works extremely hard to oversee all work by our subcontractors is done to the best standards. See below to understand more of our processes throughout construction.


Obtain permit from McLean County, City of Bloomington, and/or Town of Normal
Stake out site; dig out foundation
Pour footings and foundation
Complete under-floor plumbing
Waterproof foundation
Backfill foundation; pour basement and garage floors
Trunk Bay Construction team member and city inspector thoroughly inspect home to ensure quality construction


Build skeleton system of home
Place floor joists
Stand walls; attach trusses (part of the roofing system)
Sheet the roof
Install windows and doors
Spray home with enviro-dry weatherproof covering
Complete mechanical rough-ins
Trunk Bay Construction team member and city inspector thoroughly inspect home to ensure quality construction

Interior Finish

Insulate walls
Complete drywall process
Hang drywall
Tape and sand seams and corners
Texture ceiling
Prime walls
Install hard surfaces (hardwood, ceramic)
Complete carpentry trim
Install cabinets and countertops
Install carpet and closet shelving
Apply final coat of paint on walls
Complete final touchups; Clean thoroughly
Trunk Bay Construction team member spends 1-2 weeks in the home at the end of construction to perfect all finishing details

Exterior Finish

(occurs during Interior Finish)
Felting and shingling of roof
Apply vinyl siding; complete masonry work
Final grade of home site
Install fencing and landscaping


About two weeks before your home is complete, one of our team members will contact you to:

Confirm your walk-through date
Explain how to change over your utilities

The walk-through is a thorough orientation of your new home, including instructions on mechanicals and maintenance of your home. We can also answer any real estate questions at this time. We truly enjoy this opportunity to present your beautiful new dream home to you in perfect condition!

Closing & Move-In

On or before your contract-specified date, we will meet with you, your bank representative, and our attorneys, to sign all documents pertaining to the final purchase of your new home.


At the end of this meeting, you’ll receive the keys and garage door openers; the dream home is yours!

As you move in and begin enjoying your new home, feel comfortable knowing that our commitment to your family and quality homes is just beginning. Our team is service-oriented and ready to help you with any questions or concerns that come up in the future!